10 Signs It’s Time to Refresh Your Website


An attractive and well-integrated website is essential for every business. If you are wondering if your business’ site might be outdated, you may want to look for one of the following red flags. If one or more of these statements are true for your business’ website, it is probably time for an update.

1. It Has Outdated Photography
The photography on your website should be clear, cohesive, up to date, and visually stunning. Using the same photographer for all of your brand photography can help to give your website a memorable and cohesive look. If your photography reflects old offerings that you no longer have available to your customers, then it should be updated to reflect more current offerings. You may want to update heading banners, employee headshots, product photos, and customer photo galleries. The photos should be clear, not grainy or blurry. If you use models, they should be styled and posed in a modern and brand representative manner.

2. The Contact Section Has the Incorrect Contact Information
The contact section of your website should make it easy for potential customers to connect with you. Make sure that you have the correct phone number, hours, and fax number listed on the contact section of the website. You should also update email addresses and mailing addresses for other forms of contact. If your contact section is not up to date, likely, other sections of your website are also out of date.

3. Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly
People should be able to easily view and utilize your business’ website while on the go. Make sure that you can use all of the functions of your website on a tablet and mobile phone, as well as your personal computer. If there are any issues, it is important to update the site. When people are on the go, they should be able to have a great user experience on your site.

4. Your Site Has Missing/ Wrong Links
If your website links out to a blog, a store, or your brand’s social media accounts, it is important to make sure that all of these links are correct. It should be easy to click links to get redirected to the right place. If you have changed your social media accounts or added new ones, it is a good idea to make sure that those have been correctly listed.

5. It Has Been More Than a Year or 2 Since the Last Update
Even if your website is not experiencing any issues, it is still a good idea to update it from time to time. Professional web designers pay attention to trends that help brands make more money and set themselves apart from the competition. They can update your site to help you increase both your profit and your overall brand impact.

6. Competitors’ Websites Look Better and Run Smoother
No matter what sector you are in, your brand needs to know how to keep up with the competition. One way to get a leg up on competitors is to have a better website than them. Working with a great web design and marketing team can make your website industry-leading.

7. Your Site Shows Inaccurate Pricing
If your site has an integrated shop, services page, or other section with pricing, that section should always be accurate and up to date. Do not hesitate if there are pricing errors on your website. This can lead to customer complaints. You also might lose profits if you have to honor inaccurate pricing that reflects old sales or discounts.

8. Your Analytics Show That People Leave the Site Quickly
Your website analytics can also help you to decide if it is time for an update. If people frequently come to your site’s home page and then immediately leave, it may be time to redo your website. If they click around a little and then leave without engaging, it also might be a good idea to update the site.

9. You Avoid Sending Clients to Your Website
If you hesitate to send clients to your website and instead direct them to your social media or other outlets, this is a big sign that you might need to refresh your website. Your website should be your clients’ first destination when in search of information and updates related to your business. You should be proud and excited to share your website with new customers and regulars alike.

10. Customer Complaints in Person or Via Email
If your website has issues, your customers and clients may even mention it to you. If you get emails or phone calls letting you know that your site is difficult to use, it is time for an update. People may even let you know in person. Do not get upset about this. If someone lets you know about a website issue, this is a favor, not an insult. Express gratitude for the feedback and then fix the issue immediately.

If your business needs a fresh start, consider working with our web design team. We will customize a website to meet all of your needs. We believe in the power of a fun and easy-to-use website! Your brand deserves a great, lead-generating website and our team is here to help. Contact us today to get started with a free strategy session and take the first step towards updating your website.

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