What to Know: Call Tracking in Contractor Marketing


call tracking

If you’re getting calls for your contractor company, way to go! That means that whatever marketing efforts you are making right now are working! Things like social media strategy, PPC, SEO, Google reviews, etc. will all help generate leads for your business that turn into phone calls, but are you increasing your chances of conversion using call tracking numbers?

So, you have the phone calls. People need your contracting services; they are finding your number through one of your various marketing tactics, and they are calling you. The question is: What is call tracking, and why use it?

What is Call Tracking?

Simply put, call tracking is when you use a call tracking tool (such as CallRail) to track and monitor the phone calls you are getting to your business; but there is a little more to it than that.

The key to success in call tracking is using multiple numbers depending on the marketing platform. For example, if you are advertising your contracting company through many methods––yard signs, Google paid ads, a social media campaign, etc.––you would use a different generated number for each individual effort. 

Using multiple numbers allows you to differentiate between the sources of the calls and determine the traffic levels and success rates of each and listening back to phone calls allows for quality control.

For a more in depth explanation of all that call tracking encompassaes, read here.

What is the Purpose?

Call tracking is beneficial on many levels, and the true value is in testing and measuring. As a business owner, you understand the importance of measurable results and measurable ROI. Call tracking done right can play a huge role in that.

Call tracking is especially useful in the home services industry because home service professionals––such as you, the contractor––rely far more heavily on phone calls than on walk-ins.

We’ve found that there are two main reasons for call tracking:

  • Testing

Again, we care about measurable results. You are investing in many forms of marketing for your contracting company, and you want to make sure you invest the most in what works. How do you know what works? You perform testing. 

That’s what call tracking does for you. It ensures that you are putting your money and effort into the marketing tactics that work for your company by determining which are generating leads and which are not. 

It also makes the  labeling and sorting leads that are generated via phone call simpler by doing much of the sorting for you initially, ultimately helping you manage both your time and money.

  • Training

It is one thing to generate leads via phone, but once you have them on the phone, you want to keep them. While you may not have a team of highly-trained professionals in customer service, you can monitor phone calls through call tracking to make sure your team is giving the right answers at the right time with quality response. 

Listening back to phone calls is a highly effective way of determining what language, answers, and conversation help convert leads into customers. 

You can work out any hiccups in phone interactions with relative ease, but only if you are aware of them first. Tracking calls allows you that awareness. Your goal should be quality control for the entire interaction.

What is the Result?

According to, inbound calls are worth 5 to 10 times more than form fill leads when it comes to actually converting, which just goes to show the true value of a phone call versus other forms of communication.

A phone call is valuable on its own, but if you put in the extra effort to maximize that value using call tracking, your conversion rates will continue to climb. It assists you in perfecting closing mechanisms and is an invaluable tool in your tool belt–one that is super easy for contractors to implement.

Your phone can ring off the hook, but it doesn’t really matter if those calls aren’t converting. Using call tracking to track, train, label, and sort those phone calls will smooth out the process between lead generation and conversion.

Here at Brown Creative, we’re all about conversion, so if you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

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