Winning Facebook Post Ideas for Home Contractors


Facebook is the greatest of all-time social media platforms where people interact, share ideas, and get trending information. As a company, you can use Facebook to share quality content that promotes your brand. Your posts need to be captivating to keep your company at the top of your followers’ minds. Here’s a list of winning Facebook post ideas that will give you a great edge over other remodeling companies:

1. Show Progress

Your services’ end-result is fantastic, but it would be more inspiring and engaging to share daily photos or after a specific period of your project. Sharing before and after photos on the Facebook platform is a great deal to give a visual view of your work. More importantly, remember to post photos while at work. Such photos help in solving the doubt of your remodeling work quality.

2. Ask Questions

Asking questions on your Facebook page allows you to interact with your audience. The way you frame your questions will determine the level of engagement you get with your fans. It will help if you ask captivating real-life questions. You can either use open-ended or close-ended questions. Attaching relevant photos will also be great as you ask questions. Photos attract people’s attention and the likelihood to respond. If you need to know what’s trending and what your prospects love most, asking questions can be the best idea.

3. Offer Seasonal Tips

Seasonal tips related to construction and home remodeling are essential in proving your expertise. The tips will enlighten your followers and build more trust in your construction firm. You can use blogs to provide more tips and other content. At the end of your blog, create a way for further interaction with your Facebook fans. For instance, you can ask the readers to get back to you for more questions, concerns or to leave feedback. As such, you will get to engage more and have a better understanding of your prospects.

4. Offer Social Proof

Offering social proof is a way of building trust with your followers. Social proof includes anything that will make the Facebook audience see your human-side and your posts’ reality. You can post your family photos and the company staff images. The images act as social proof to get prospects to engage with you.

Other forms of social proof include likes, comments, and shares of your Facebook posts, including ads. Always aim to attract more likes, comments, and shares as they promote more confidence in your brand. Also, no one would like to miss out on an ad that has garnered many reactions. Hence, more and more people would go ahead to check your posts with more reactions.

5. Share Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are great in promoting your company. You can ask some of your clients for a quick video that provides an overview of their satisfaction with your construction company. It can be more meaningful if you share a video of the client on the field, say on the construction site. Later, you can compile lots of clients’ testimonials and post them on your Facebook page. More people will admire to be part of your satisfied clients-adding to the success of your company.

6. Behind-the-Scenes Content

Your audience would love to see your company behind the scenes. Such scenes include processes away from your brand that you share about yourself, your staff, management, and daily work that typically happens in your remodeler company. You may add photos of your team at a birthday party, pictures of your business trips, and even images of your management staff during lunch sessions. Such posts help your company relate with your audience personally and portray you as more human.

7. Offer Premium Content

It is good to share premium content such as e-books and guides in addition to useful tips and other free content that you frequently share on your page. You can ask people to subscribe to your emails to get access to your premium content. After subscription, you can be offering regular tips and other beneficial information for construction company owners, homeowners, contractors, builders, and home remodelers. Such offers you an excellent deal for email marketing.

It will be useful to take advantage of email marketing to attract more customers by displaying your prowess in construction and remodeling. Such marketing makes your subscribers want to be served by your remodeler company experts. You can gain more popularity by personalizing your emails according to your subscribers’ needs and preferences. For example, you can segment your subscribers based on the product or service they have already used or love to have.

8. Share Quotes and Sayings

Quotes and sayings help in engaging your Facebook fans. You can share motivational and inspirational quotes and sayings that influence decision-making. You can include those that encourage your fans to take action, especially those related to the construction and remodeling of homes. Such encouragements allow you to attract more clients.

9. Share Your Projects’ Videos

People love videos, especially on social media. Create and post high-quality videos about your company’s completed homes. Include videos on how you handle various tasks in the field. If possible, include expert explanations of everything you include in your video to give further insights into your job. The videos will attract a lot of reactions from your Facebook community. There will be a lot of shares that give a chance to reach more audiences. Thus, your projects’ videos become a fun way of finding more clients.

10. Share Posts for Fun

Don’t make everything look serious—remember you’re on Facebook, where people love fun. Therefore, create time to share funny posts! You can share a fun post (related or unrelated to your industry) to get prospects to engage with you. For instance, you can share fun posts about relationships, pets, dances, or food. Remember to share each fun post in a way that makes it more interesting such as by use of photos, videos, and stories.


The use of Facebook is a fantastic way to reach more audiences in your company. There are numerous Facebook post ideas for construction companies, but the ones highlighted above are easy to implement and quite rewarding. For effective and attractive remodeling projects, contact us today and learn how we can help!

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